Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Experts say about Kiwi tour of England

Experts say about Kiwi tour of England

Cricket Writers in the UK may have been impressed with Matt Prior efforts in the third test, ensure its century and a tie game in the series, but overall not impressed with England performances in the land of the long white cloud, all according to the Kiwis had been underestimated.

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Jonathan Agnew on BBC said: "Questions will be asked of England after this tour was focused on winning India before Christmas and are looking ahead to the series of back-to-back Ashes against Australia, which probably had his eye brow to New Zealand. between.

"New Zealand almost made them pay but England saved face by the narrowest of margins. Good teams do not lose many games and have not lost a game."

Aggers added programming of the series: "There are also lessons to be learned from the direction of England team director Andy Flower must support the preparation was not good enough, England can not afford to have a situation where you have isolation of the first class. game before a series of tests.

"The itinerary - three back-to-back tests - was also unacceptable because people can not perform at their best on tired legs That needs to be fixed.".

Stephen Brenkley in The Independent also thought England should have done much better, although he thought the Black Caps did much to maintain Test cricket in his country, writing: "Nothing in this brave rearguard action could conceal deficiencies in the approach that took England to the brink. When the series began three weeks ago, were heavily favored, the number two side in the world ranking expected to do everything like the number eight.

"It seemed that there was never such a difference. New Zealand had the better of the opening test and if England responded accordingly in the second which was also shortened by rain, the Kiwis dominated the decider.

"The fifth day was chilling in a way that only Test cricket can be. Throughout New Zealand seemed to be on tenterhooks, waiting wickets to fall. If it was not enough tension that ran the country in connection with the World Cup Rugby final was perhaps the day that marked the revival of the long form of the game in the country. "

The Guardian Mike Selvey was of similar mind, writing: "While the result means that only maintain its position as the second-ranking hand, and the extra money that goes with it, the euphoria that accompanied the result England can not disguise the fact that in the course of the three games in general have been overcome by a good part of New Zealand that Graham Gooch, batting coach, has admitted he underestimated.

"In Dunedin, where he missed a day in the open, it is likely that New Zealand could have won, while in Wellington, the terrible weather probably prevented England do the same. Here was New Zealand who have send the game."

He gave glory to Prior, Broad and Bell, however, added: "It was a day for heroes, players who remain in their natural instincts to carve one of the great rearguard previously by only three teams entered the final day a test with four wickets down and survived until the end of the day. "

Taking another way, Ed Smith in the Times felt English fans, players and media have focused too much on the ashes, and forgot about the games they had to play before meeting the Australians this summer.

He wrote: .. "Obsession English cricket with the Ashes is degenerating into a fetish We are paralyzed by the ashes, our vision is blinded by it, our priorities so skewed lose to South Africa, we speak of the ashes we visited. New Zealand, anticipating an easy victory wanting to ashes. We barely survive, but hopes to do better in the ashes. "

He continued: "English cricket has a chance of greatness, but that will not be achieved if each half step, every achievement is measured against the old enemy of South Africa, after all, are easily the best team in the world ...

"Meanwhile, we have struggled to avoid unexpected defeat in New Zealand tremendously. Why It's hard to avoid the feeling that England took the Kiwis too lightly, and I mean English cricket as a whole, not just the England touring party. "

Paul Newman in the Daily Mail paid tribute to the Black Caps, especially captain Brendon McCullum, who came to the show a character unpopular, and the Kiwis on the back end of a cover-up by South Africa.

Newman wrote: "Central to that (low spirit at the beginning of the series) was the captaincy crisis that saw most angry cricket lovers of New Zealand Ross Taylor had been replaced by Brendon McCullum disputed circumstances.

"But surely not a single fan here - and it was a shame that many of them were not at Eden Park today to see it -. McCullum Do not praise a modern sports hero in New Zealand after this, although England reached 0-0 series draw this series was absolutely New Zealand. "

Derek Pringle wrote in the Telegraph of England "lack of respect" for the Kiwis, saying they were looking too far to play attention to this series: "side of Cook arrived here with a team in his mind and it was New Zealand, which is disrespectful.

"I was sent home Graeme Swann at the first sign of trouble, and Kevin Pietersen just before a final test clamoring for one of its inputs Blitzkrieg. You could argue these decisions was the proper management of the resources or you could look at it another completely manner.

"I these players have been sent home if it was an Ashes series with New Zealand up? Probably not within three months, despite what he said on the contrary Cook Pietersen lack proof here, although it was against Australia.

"A series tables certainly was not what New Zealand deserved after making the race the whole game. Feat Peter Fulton a hundred on each input and swing bowling Tim Southee Boult and would have been match-winning efforts against equipment without someone considered as good and Prior. "

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